We offer Online/Remote Support and Onsite Support.
Please review options below for the Support your require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there discounts available for Home Users ?

Yes.  Please request a Discount Coupon from us.  Available at our discretion.

What if you only use a portion of the initial time ?

The fee is still applicable, as it is within the initial time frame.  Additional (agreed) time required to continue with the Support will be billed post.

Do you have Support Contracts ?

Yes we do.  These are our VIP Support Plans.  Read more here.

What am I responsible for ?

You are responsible for your data, including, but not limited to current backups, and also any licensing which may be applicable to your software.  We do not take responsibility for your data and/or the integrity of files on your computer.  We do have various backup solutions available.

Do you offer other Support Services ?

Yes we do.   Apart from VIP Support and Ad-Hoc Support, we have a variety of other services.  Please contact us if you require something specific.

I suspect a virus infection, what do I do ?

We honestly suggest you unplug your computer ASAP and contact us.  Do not attempt anything as this may affect the integrity of your files and may render any form of recovery useless.

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